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This year, Monaco is celebrating the 300th anniversary of the birth of Prince Honoré III (1720–1795). With an educated and contemporary outlook, and receptive to Enlightenment thinking, Honoré III reigned for 60 years (1733–1793), the longest reign of all Monegasque sovereigns. He distinguished himself through a brilliant military career in the armies of Louis XV, and was promoted to general officer class in the French army, with the rank of maréchal de camp. An important French aristocrat (he inherited the title Duke of Valentinois from his father, Jacques de Goyon-Matignon), Prince Honoré III showed a great sense of humanity, which helped him to escape the guillotine during the Terror of the French Revolution, having been stripped of the Principality of Monaco, Menton and Roquebrune by the National Convention.

  • Design and line-engraving: Sophie BEAUJARD
  • Printing process: 4 colours steel-engraving
  • Size of the pair: 60 x 40,85 mm horizontal
  • Quantity of issue: 40 000 pairs
  • Sheet of 4 pairs of stamps with illuminations

Part Second part
Year 2020
Design and line-engraving Sophie BEAUJARD
Printing process 4 colours steel-engraving
Issue date 14 September 2020
Size of the pair 60 x 40,85 mm horizontal
Quantity of issue 40 000 pairs
Note Sheet of 4 pairs of stamps with illuminations