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In partnership with the Audiovisual Institute of Monaco, the Stamp Issuing Office is continuing its new cinema series featuring the posters of films shot in Monaco. 

Released in 1948, this British film by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger impresses with its modernity. Martin Scorsese and Brian de Palma, among others, have cited it as their favourite film. Victoria, a dancer with a very prestigious ballet company, finds herself performing the leading role in The Red Shoes, a production inspired by an Andersen fairy tale. The ballet challenges the acceleration of contemporary societies with infinite grace. The heroine is torn between her passion for dance, with all the discipline and austerity that implies, and her love for Julian, the conductor. Must she give up love for art, or art for love? Does creativity inherently entail sacrifice? This is indeed a tragic tale, but it is a dazzling one.

  • Poster: © All rights reserved
  • Printing process: Offset
  • Size of the stamp: 40,85 x 52 mm vertical
  • Quantity of issue: 36 000 stamps
  • Sheet of 6 stamps with illuminations


Part Second part
Poster © All rights reserved
Year 2021
Printing process Offset
Issue date 5 October 2021
Size of the stamp 40,85 x 52 mm vertical
Quantity of issue 36 000 stamps
Note Sheet of 6 stamps with illuminations