1) - Philately

The Stamp Issuing Office stamps was created in 1937 to answer the about 1.000 demands of mail-order selling of that time. A system of subscription — precursor at its time — was set up.

The Office has about 26.500 regular customers, in 70 countries.

Why should You become a subscriber?

  • You will be able to order, twice a year, at face value, all stamps issued including unperforated blocks,
  • You will receive all our information mailings,
  • You will get all philatelic products (e.g.F.D.C.) at special prices.

How does it work?

  • You will receive, twice a year, an order-form with the semester philatelic program,
  • You will send back this order-form duly filled in with the required quantities,
  • Each order placed will be sent as soon as the invoice is settled,
  • You will receive your stamps, free of postal charges or, on request, with philatelic franking (charges in addition)

How to pay?

  • Credit card (CB / VISA / EUROCARD / MASTERCARD), with your card number and its expiry date, as well as number on the back within the framework of the signature for a permanent authorization; and with your signature to authorize the payment,
  • Check in Euro (Monaco & France only) drawn up in the order of Office des Emissions de Timbres-Poste,
  • Bank draft sent to the Banque Nationale de Paris, Agence of Monte Carlo, on account Office des Emissions de Timbres-Poste:
    • National (France & Monaco): n° 30004 09170 000406025 10 76
    • Internationnal:
      • IBAN: MC58 3000 4091 7000 0406 0251 076
      • BIC: BNPAMCM1
  • International Giro transfer, in the order of Office des Emissions de Timbres-Poste - Monaco, direct deposit account n°2221-30 K29 Marseille (France), raised of 3,00 € for mail tax,
  • Deposit of a sum to the OETP.

2) – The Numismatics

The Ministry of Finance is in charge of monetary policy. Commemorative and silver coins were sometimes distributed to specific categories (nationals, residents or employees), by the City hall and, since 1999 , by the Stamp and Coin Museum.

Specifically numismatics products, with much lower editions traditionally, depend on the Palace : golden coins, piéforts, Fleurs de Coins. Marketing to the public intervenes through the numismatic traders of Monaco and outside traders.

Very exceptionally, "Brilliant Uncirculated" series of 1995 (last one in Francs) and of 2001 and 2002 (first ones in Euro) were granted to the Government and the Stamp and Coin Museum was in charge of the distribution, through its selling counter and through its service of mail-order selling.

The Stamp and Coin Museum constituted, in 2002 , a database closely of 20.000 persons. Speculation on Euro justified important purchases of previous coins in Francs.

The Principality has no tradition of commercial numismatics (contrary to Vatican or to San Marino) and " very reasonable " editions represent an assertion of sovereignty more than on a source of income.

The printing quantity of Monaco, confirmed by the European central Bank in 2001, is 1/500th of the French one and is done by the Hotel des Monnaies in Paris.

That is why, with the recent demands largely exceeding the offer, Principality does not propose a system of subscription but only a registration in a database, which is used:

  • To inform the customers of new products with wide distribution,
  • To send the ordered products, until stock last.