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Turtles, which are indicators of the health of the oceans, are subjected to most of the pressures that humans exert on the ocean, from the coasts to the high seas - urbanisation, overfishing and bycatch, ship strikes, pollution and the accumulation of plastic. The new care centre will draw on the experience of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco to rescue, care for and release sea turtles. This project is part of the French Mediterranean Turtle Care Network (Réseau Tortues de la Méditerranée Française) in partnership with the Centre for the Study and Protection of Mediterranean Sea Turtles (Centre d' études et de sauvegarde des tortues marines de Méditerranée).

Design Marie-Christine LEMAYEUR and Bernard ALUNNI
Printing process Offset
Size of the stamp 52 x 31 mm horizontal
Quantity of issue 45,000 stamps
Note Sheet of 10 stamps with illuminations