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From June 2018, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco will present a new exhibition entitled “Monaco and the Ocean, from Exploration to Protection”. The exhibition will focus on the actions taken by the Princes of Monaco to protect the oceans. The work of Prince Albert I, the father of modern oceanography, will be presented through the results of his 28 scientific expeditions. Prince Rainier III’s commitment to protecting the Mediterranean will also be showcased, including his collaboration with Commander Jacques Cousteau, who was Director of the Oceanographic Museum for 32 years. Finally, a large part of the exhibition will be devoted to the conservation efforts of H.S.H. Prince Albert II and the latest news from Monaco Explorations. This final section will be updated with the outcomes of the Monaco Explorations missions over the three years from 2017 to 2020.

  • Design and line-engraving: Martin MÖRCK
  • Printing process: Steel-engraving and offset
  • Size of the block: 120 x 110 mm horizontal
  • Size of the stamps: 30x40,85 mm vertical
  • Quantity of issue: 35 000 blocks

Part Second semester
Year 2018
Design and line-engraving Martin MÖRCK
Printing process Steel-engraving and offset
Size of the block 120 x 110 mm horizontal
Size of the stamp 30 x 40.85 mm vertical
Quantity of issue 35,000 blocks